THK 3600 in 30 ml bottle




The product has 3600mg of CBD presented in a natural non-GMO cannabis seed oil. Every drop contains 6mg of CBD. A very critical CO2 extraction procedure is used for extracting from the top grade European (certified) cannabis plants. The end product is a rich, golden oil free from plant matter and much flavourful than other similar products available. The oil quality is tested at various points during the product procedure, so we can guarantee the quality of every one of them and most importantly guarantee the CBD material you’re paying for.

For buyers looking to take about 120mg of CBD per day, this 30ml bottle will give you with a minimum of 30 days supply. 1 bottle contains approximately 600 drops.

Our CBD oil is a food supplement that is completely legal and is intended for use sub-lingually.

Just drop the needed dose below your tongue and keep it there for a minimum of 60 secs before swallowing. Most users usually prefer to take CBG oil together with the CBD oil to improve the “Entourage effect”.


  • Hemp sativa whole plant extract (includes at least 3600mg CBD)
  • Natural, non-GMO cannabis seed oil (carrier oil)
  • No herbicides
  • No pesticides
  • No additives
  • No heavy metals

We don’t claim any medical benefits about our CBD oils but investigate about it yourself and you may then decide whether you may benefit or not from this amazing herb that is hemp.

Shake well before use

All products we sell contain less than 0.01% THC.